RCPHKMC Information Day

Information Day

Date   : 07.11.2020 (Saturday)

Experience Activities and Campus Hunt 

10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

S1 Admission Talk

10:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. and 

02:00 p.m.- 03:00 p.m.

*S1 Mock Interview 

12:00 p.m.- 01:00 p.m. and 

03:30 p.m.- 04:30 p.m.

Students will be interviewed in both Chinese and English

*Those who intend to participate in the S1 mock interview must register online in advance

Application method:

Fill in the application form OR Call us at 2337-0283

Upcoming Events


1/10National Day
2/10The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival
5/10Uniform Test [2]
9/10Lunchtime Fellowship(Junior) [2]
10/10S1 English Class [2]
12/10Uniform Test [3]
16/10Lunchtime Fellowship(Senior) [2]
16/10Inter-school Swimming Competition
17/10S1 English Class [3]
19/10Uniform Test [4]
23/10Lunchtime Fellowship(Junior) [3] 
23/10Parents’ Meeting & AGM of Parent-Teacher Association, S1 Parents’ Meeting
24/10S1 English Class [4]
26/10Chung Yeung Festival
27/10Uniform Test [5]
29/10Casual Wear Day
30/10Other Learning Experiences [1]
31/10S1 English Class [5]


2-6/11Language & Cultural Week 
2/11Uniform Test [5] 
6/11Preparation for Open Day(pm)
7/11Open Day
9/11The Day following Open Day
10/11Uniform Test [6]
11/11Inter-school Cross Country Competition 
11/11Inter-house Volleyball Competition 
13/11Lunchtime Fellowship(Senior) [3] 
14/11S1 English Class [6]
16/11Uniform Test [7] 
16-20/11S2 Enhanced Smart Teen Project 
16-21/11S6 Tests before Mock Examination
16/11-16/12Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
23/11Uniform Test [8]  
27/11Lunchtime Fellowship(Junior) [4] 
28/11S1 English Class [7]
30/11-4/12Gospel Week


4/12Lunchtime & After-school Fellowship (S1-S6) [1]
5/12PTA Day & S2 Parents’ Meeting
5/12S1 English Class [8]
7/12Uniform Test [9]
8/12Blood Donation Day 
11/12Other Learning Experiences [2] 
12/12S1 English Class [9]
14/12Uniform Test [10]  
18/12Lunchtime Fellowship(Senior) [4]
19/12S6 Parents’ Meeting
19/12S1 English Class [10]
21/12Christmas Celebration
22/12-2/1Christmas & New Year Holidays


4/1Staff Development Day [2] 
5-15/1S1-S5 Term Examination
18-19/1Going-over scripts
20/1Second term begins 
20-22/1S6 Study Leave
21-22/1RCC Cup (Senior) 
22/1Lunchtime Fellowship(Junior) [5]
23/1S1 English Class [11]
25/1-5/2S6 Mock Examination 
29/1Lunchtime Fellowship(Senior) [5] 
29/1S1 Cheering Team Practice 
30/1S1 English Class [12]


1/2S1 Cheering Team Practice 
5/2S1 Cheering Team Practice 
5/2Lunchtime Fellowship(Junior) [6]
6/2S1-5 Parents’ Day
8-17/2Lunar New Year Holidays
18-19/2Inter-house Athletics Meet
24-26/2S6 Going-over scripts & last school day
26/2Lunchtime Fellowship(Senior) [6] 
27/2AGM of Alumni Association
27/2S1 English Class [13]