Healthy School Programme

Positive Rhenishers Project (Project P.R.) is designed with reference to PERMA of Martin Seligman (2012). Through camps organized for different forms and groups, students are nurtured the following:

P:Positive Emotions


R:Positive Relationships


A: Accomplishment

Intensive and diversified camping activities help students have a breathing spell in their hustle and bustle life to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the activities and trainings to be Positive Rhenishers (P.R.). Student leaders are then entrusted to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to help our school to plan, organize and lead a series of preventive anti-drug education activities and healthy life education programmes. For more information, please click:

PositiveRhenishersProject_健康校園計劃_測檢守則hyperlink of the attachment)