Four Houses

Karl Gützlaff House

Karl Gützlaff House, is named after Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff. It is represented by the colour red.
In 1826, The Netherlands Missionary Society sent Gützlaff to Java, where he learned Chinese. Gutzlaff left the society in 1829, and became an independent missionary.
Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff was a German Lutheran missionary to the Far East, notable as one of the first Protestant missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand (1828) and in Korea (1832). He was also the first Lutheran missionary to China. He was a magistrate in Ningpo and Chusan and the second Chinese Secretary of the British administration in Hong Kong.
Gützlaff died in Hong Kong in 1851. Therefore, Hong Kong in memory of his dedication to their cause, named one of their streets after him (吉士笠街(In English:Gutzlaff Street) 郭士立, picture).

House Captain : Ma Ho Yin , Chu Wing Yan
Vice House Captain : Lee Kwun Wah , Man Chi Yu

Ferdinand Genähr House

Ferdinand Genähr House is named by Rev. Ferdinand Genähr, it is represented by yellow.

In 1846, The Rhenish Missionary Society sent Rev. Ferdinand Genähr to the East to preach. They started to learn Chinese once they arrived at Hong Kong. They studied three hundred Chinese characters a day and learnt different dialects, Rev. Ferdinand Genähr chose to learn Cantonese.

Later Rev. Genähr moved to Dongguan and Humen to undertake the gospel preaching in Canton region. Dongguan Rhenish Church was the first and largest parish in Guangdong province.

In 1849, Rev. Genähr recruited a group of primary students in Xixiang, and put them in different bible schools according to their aspiration. In 1856, Rev. Genähr moved to Hong Kong with the students after the Second Anglo-Chinese War broke out. Rev. Genähr and his sons died in plague.

2019-2020 Year
House captain : Lee Nim To, Luk Ting Yan
Vice house captain : Choy Tsz Ki, Ng Wai Sam

Wilhelm Lobscheid House

Rev. Wilhelm Lobscheid (1822–1893) was born in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. He joined the Rhenish Missionary Society in 1844 and was appointed as a priest. Very soon, he was sent to reinforce the missionary work in the Far East. Wilhelm Lobscheid arrived in Hong Kong on May 22, 1848, active in Hong Kong and in the Canton region, missionizing and at the same time providing medical care to the local residence. He had great work of translation, including editing translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Lobscheid’s English–Chinese dictionary was one of the most comprehensive versions of its kind in the nineteenth century. He continued his work as a medical doctor and pastor until his death in 1893.




Wilhelm Louis House

Wilhelm Louis House was named after Pastor Wilhelm Louis and its house colour is green.

In 1856, Pastor Wilhelm Louis was sent to Hong Kong by the German Rhenish Church.

In 1857, the British and French coalition forces entered Guangzhou, and the Western priests moved to Hong Kong. Pastor Louis went from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and stayed in April. After returning to Hong Kong, He went to the river to visit the church. Then moved to Fuyong (Baoan District) and went to Xinqiao.

In 1861, Pastor Louis married the daughter of the director of the Hong Kong Nursery Hall and stayed in Fuyong. In 1863, he rented a shop in Nantou for education and mission work.

In 1864, Pastor Louis opened a Bible school in Fuyong, but it was closed shortly. In the same year, he and Pastor Gong Sun Hui went to Dongguan City to preach. In the same year, Pastor Ferdinand Genahr died in the Dutch plague, and Pastor Louis and Pastor Gong Sun took over the church affairs.

The Baling and Rhenish two sessions were divided in the middle of 1880. They were independent and not related to each other. The Western priests left the Rhenish Church. Only the two priests, Pastor Wilhelm Louis and Pasotr Tiewei Lin, still served as ceremonies. In 1883, Pastor Louis died of illness in Hong Kong.

In recent years, Wilhelm Louis House won the House of the Year in the 2013-14 school year and the 2016-17 school year respectively. In this school year, Lam Kai Ching (5A) and Wong Cho Hei (5D) are assigned the House Captains, Ng Wai Ting (5B) and Larm Chun Hung (4A) are the Vice House Captains.