Principal's message

With determination and valiance, I took over as school principal in September, 2017. Despite the change in position from teacher to principal, I am still as passionate for education as when I began twenty years ago. I truly believe that education is a calling from God. In the time I have been involved in education, I have grown to firmly believe that with dedicated nurturing every student can be outstanding, unleashing their potential and talent for society.


After taking office, I have contemplated on the kind of talents we should nurture in response to today’s rapidly changing society. I think, ‘T-shaped talent’, combining both depth and breadth, may be the path ahead. To deconstruct the letter “T” intellectually, it would symbolise the depth (vertical stroke) and breadth of knowledge (horizontal stroke) - the connection of which brings forth problem-solving skills.


In a nutshell, we have to instil both a thirst for knowledge and an interpersonal adroitness in our students.


For learning, teachers must teach with skill and inspire young minds, imbuing students with knowledge to seek a higher order of thinking and professionalism in living out the depth of their knowledge. For breadth, the school provides and arranges for students to participate in co-curricular activities in different areas. Students learn from their peers in the process, expanding horizons and minds.


To utilise the greatest potential from the combination of breadth and depth in knowledge, we depend on our teachers to become our students’ companions - leading them to understand themselves, explore life, chase their dreams and goals, face dilemmas courageously, and solve problems with the knowledge they have learnt. This culminates in them emerging as masterminds of their own lives.


However, outstanding intellect is not as important as upright values. If one is not compassionate, responsible, courteous, respectful and caring, all the efforts above will be undermined. We promote positive education and mentorship schemes to encourage service learning, in order to provide a fertile ground for the nurturing of values and a Christian environment for students to grow and live in faith.



We believe that excellence can be cultivated. Our Lord and parents have entrusted the golden age of their children’s learning to us - then we have to shoulder the responsibility of an educator. May this be the shared reminder among teachers and students altogether.


Principal Mr. Tang Man Wai