2019-2020 Opening Ceremony

Date: 02/09/2019

Mr. Tang used “Take a small step — To be a better me” as the introductory remarks to kick-start this year’s Opening Ceremony, hoping to further improve the school in mainly three aspects: the school’s environment, policies and its people. 

Facing the social activities recently in Hong Kong, the principal explained the behaviors of people by introducing a concept which suggests the three divisions in our brains: natural brain, emotional brain, and thinking brain. He pointed out the emotional brain makes people insist on their own opinions while believing they are the only ones who are righteous. 

The principal also made use of a cylinder to explain the concept that the two projections, circle and rectangle, of a cylinder are both correct when a person looks at it from a different angle. He reminded the students that they can have their own opinions but it is also necessary to respect others’. Also, if others are not willing to discuss a certain issue, we should be courageous enough to take the initiative to stop. Only through these can we make our school a harmonious place for all the Rhenishers to see it as our second home.

At last, the principal ended his sharing by reiterating “To be a better us” to encourage all students to work hard in the coming year.