Physical Education

PE teachers

Lui Fung Yee (subject co)呂鳳儀(科聯絡人)
Cheng Yue Hang鄭裕衡


PE aims to provide quality education through a variety of physical activities that helps students develop physical competence, knowledge of movement and safety, and nurture their positive values and attitudes.。It also develops students’ confidence and generic skills, especially those of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation. These, together with the nurturing of positive values and attitudes in PE, provide a good foundation for students’ lifelong and life-wide learning.

Subject Features

Physical Education is “education through the physical” and important for students’ whole-person development through providing a wide range of physical activities and to enabling our students to lead a healthy lifestyle with an interest and active participation in physical activities.


The implementation of the PE curriculum is not only confined to PE lessons, flexible use of time, space, resources and facilities available to enrich our school-based curriculum.Various kinds of physical activities arranged for students to help them develop a habit of active participation in physical activities and enhance their lifelong interest in sports.